Inspection Services

General Contractors In My Area will inspect my property for damages that a storm may had left on my property, once they complete their inspection process they will analyze their data from their findings to create a detailed report for me.

Carefully inspecting a roof
Roofers on top of a roof, installing new roofing asphalt shingles, on a single home covered all around by blue tarps to protect the plants and the property from debris falling when installing the new roof.

Roofing services

It is not just about installing shingles on my roof, it is about providing the best that can be offered by professionals that plans for success, that includes protection to my property from debris that may cause any further damages, cleaning after the project is completed as best as possible, and complete the project in the shortest time possible.

Gutter/Downspout services

New installation, repairs, cleaning and more, everything to keep my home in a better shape.

Damaged downspout detached from the house corner, and damage gutter.
Damaged siding area covered with CertainTeed felt paper & nailed with orange nail-caps, fitted under other siding boards to secure the felt-paper until the main repairs can be completed.

Siding Services

Siding full installation, repairs and maintenance services available for my home all year long!

Interior repair services

I need a professional that understands that it is not just a repair, but the house where I will be living for a long time. General Contractors In My Area understands that, and they go as far as to help us choose the right colors, materials, and inspect for other problems that my property could have that I may not be aware of.

Water damages on a ceiling inside a house. The ceiling has mold, yellow water stains, the paint and compound is peeling off on its own, and the drywall is about to fall.

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