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Missing Shingles?

The professional roofers from General Contractors In My Area are ready to help me!

Roof missing shingles
Damaged siding, covered with felt-paper to protect from water penetration to the plywood

Damaged Siding?

Water can get in my house if the siding is damaged or missing! Professionals like General Contractors In My Area can help me fix it.

Water Damage?

All those waters stains & mold on my ceiling could mean that there is a water leak from my roof. It needs to be inspected properly to make sure it is repaired the proper way.

water damage in a room and a red sofa
Man inspecting miniature home

Free inspection

General Contractors In My Area will inspect for free my property to find out how badly the storm damaged my property.

Help with my insurance

Placing a claim and going with the insurance process about it could be frustrating! That's why General Contractors In My Area can help me by working directly with my insurance company to get the repairs done the right way, while saving me money they will save me from the process headaches.

Shaking hands

Free roof inspection deal

Please click the button that says Apply. Once you had pressed the button your email app should open or ask you for permission to open/switch to it. Once it opens an email will appear prefilled with a few questions, please answer the questions in the prefilled email and hit send/submit.

Simple ways to perform services

General Contractors In My Area have 3 types of Service Procedures to make things easy for me. Focusing in what really matters like what are they offering, what are they going to do, and how are they going to get paid.

A) Insurance Claims

1) We inspected your property for free, to find any hail and/or wind damages on your property, and to estimate the repairs.
2) We file a claim for you & negotiate with your insurance company to get the necessary repairs approved.
3) We perform the repairs approve by your insurance company and agreed by us to perform for the money paid by your insurance company + your deductible.

B) Out-Of-Pocket Restoration

1) We inspect your property for free after we sign a Contract Of Services To Be Performed, and create a scope of work
2) We create a work order after the materials and dates have been confirmed that it works for you.
3) We inspect your property after all work have been completed to make sure that everything is in order and we provide you with the materials & labor warranties

C) Only a Paid-Inspection

1) We inspect your property for a small fee
2) We create a detailed report of our findings that includes:

  • Assessment Of Damages
  • Photos
  • Diagrams
  • Estimate for cost of repairs

  • 3) After we provide you with our report you can keep the report, if you decide that you want us to do the work, we can go back to option A or option B to see how you would like to approach the repairs, if you decide that you want to find another company, we shake hands and we keep being friends.

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